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Kansas Provider Background Check

For the safety of children, all licensed child care providers must pass a variety of background checks. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the child care licensing agency, checks state and federal criminal registries, child abuse and neglect registries, and sexual offender registries on anyone who lives, works, or volunteers in child care. These checks lower the risk of neglect or abuse in child care settings. This protects children so parents can be confident with the care they receive. For more information, including the types of checks, view KDHE’s General Questions Regarding Background Checks.

To find information from other states, visit the National Center on Child Care Subsidy Innovation and Accountability.

Need a background check to be licensed in the State of Kansas?

There are two types of background checks depending upon the role of the person and their contact with children. For providers with unsupervised access to children, a fingerprint-based check is required. Additional roles may require a fingerprint check. Background check packets are required for each person needing fingerprints. These can be obtained from your licensing surveyor.

All background check fees are currently waived for providers seeking licensure in the State of Kansas until September 2023. Visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for the Out-of-State Background Check Requirements. Here is a list of Common Prohibited Offenses.


KDHE Child Care Licensing
1000 SW Jackson, Ste. 200
Topeka, KS 66612

Phone: (785) 296-1270
Website: Background Check Information | KDHE, KS

Need a background check from Kansas to work in another state?

Three kinds of Inter-State background checks are required by law for all designated individuals who have resided in that state within the past 5 years. 

Inter-state Criminal Background Check 

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
attn: Criminal History Records Section
1620 SW Tyler
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: (785) 296-2454

Frequently Asked Questions

For information, on conducting a KBI record check.

Two types of record checks are available. Kansas is a National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact State.

Review the National Fingerprint File

Kansas is a National Fingerprint File (NFF) state. Fingerprints to be submitted for records checks must be recorded on the current version of the FBI’s Applicant Fingerprint Card, FD Form 258. When a state submits a provider’s fingerprints for an FBI check, the inquiring state will receive a criminal report from the KBI and the FBI.

Conduct a name-based check

To check a Kansas provider’s background based on name, search the KBI website.

  • You must have the provider’s full name and date of birth.
  • There is a $20 fee per search.
  • KanAccess account creation is required.

Search the Interstate Sex Offender Registry

Information is publicly available through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) about registered sex, violent and drug offenders by name, address, zip code, or county. It is a name-based search. There is no fee for this type of search.

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Offender Registration Unit
1620 SW Tyler
Topeka, KS 66612

Phone: (785) 296-2841

KBI can be emailed through this website: KBI – Kansas Bureau of Investigation – Email us

Search the State of Kansas registered offender website

Request a Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Registry check

State agencies that license child care homes or facilities may check if a provider is in the Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry through the Department for Children and Families. This is a centralized registry for the State of Kansas. To make a request:

  1. Complete the signed release form (PPS-1011). There is no fee.
    • A $10.00 fee may apply for each request.
    • No fee for any state government agency (state contracting and sub-contracting agencies not included).
    • No fee for listed Mentor Kansas Partners.
    • $10 per release form for private agencies and the general public.
  2. Include the provider’s name (including all aliases, other names used and maiden name, if applicable), date of birth, and Social Security number.
  3. Submit the request via email, mail, or fax, marked “attention: DCF/Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry”. Results will be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the state agency requesting the information.

DCF/Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
PO Box 2637
Topeka, KS 66612

Phone: (785) 296-4653
Fax: 866-317-4279
Website: Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry – Prevention and Protection Services (

If a match is found, you will receive a sample of the accompanying letter.

Read related State definitions from regulations and statutes.



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