Images from the media can be scary and leave children feeling unsure of their surroundings, fearful, or anxious. According to NAEYC, children rely on the trusted adults in their lives to develop their understanding of big world issues. Creating a space for children to talk about these topics can help to guard against the potential negative impacts of witnessing community violence. The American Academy of Pediatrics shares that community violence can cause distress for young children.

Kansas Quality Network provides a variety of resources for families, caregivers, and community members to help navigate discussions and address recent events as they see fit for their family and children that they work with.

Parents and caregivers should always review content before sharing with the children in their care. We are not making recommendations on how to handle situations, but rather, providing resources to support families as they navigate these tough conversations.

Highlighted resources:

Reminder: Please be sure to review articles and activities to ensure they are appropriate for the age group.