Effective November 1, 2018, the Department for Children and Families (DCF) is adjusting child care maximum provider rates for child care recipients.  The changes will begin to affect child care benefits for some families as early as their November allotment, other families will see their benefit rate change take effect at their next case change or review.  DCF anticipates investing an estimated $5.7 million dollars annually to make this change, an increase of 16% in annual child care expenditures, bringing subsidy rates to the 65th percentile based upon the statewide average indicated from data within the most recent market analysis completed in Kansas.  This rate adjustment will increase the maximum allowable rates for most of the provider rate categories in the state.   With this adjustment, most families will see a decrease in the difference between their child care benefits and the rate their child care provider charges, thereby reducing their out of pocket expense for child care.

It is expected that this adjustment will help increase access to high quality care for low income children in Kansas.

Department for Children and Families