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How to find

a Quality child care provider 

Kansas Quality Network helps parents find child care providers in their area.

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If you are a family who is facing homelessness, already is homeless, or a foster caregiver please note: Children facing homelessness or a move because of a natural disaster or foster care may have trouble getting documents for enrollment. That’s why special child care assistance rules allow those children to enter care while giving extra time to provide documents. These documents include those for immunizations or a health assessment. Child care providers can have 60 days to get the needed documents.

How to choose a quality provider

Find the best provider for your family

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Additional resources to find child care in Kansas

Find out more about child care provider inspections

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How to find

support for your family

We’re here to help. You’re one click away from key resources.

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Child Care Assistance

There are many types of assistance available for families looking for quality child care. To see if you qualify for different kinds of financial support, click the statements below that describe your family.

Health and Safety for your Children

Your child’s health is very important. Click here to find out how to get the health care your family needs now.

Housing for Your Family

If you are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless, here’s how to find emergency shelter and affordable housing for your family.

Emergency Support

Here are some resources that can help you with rent and utilities, and fill your cupboards with nutritious food for your family.

Foster Care Child Care

If you are a licensed, relative, or non-relative kinship foster parent, these resources will help you navigate the Foster Care Child Care (FCCC) program.

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How to find

info on your child’s development

Here’s how to help your children grow into the thriving, responsible people they were meant to be.

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Screening and Milestones

Curious about what developmental milestones — like walking and talking – your child should be reaching?

Skill-building Activities

Looking for fun ways to help your child build physical, emotional and social skills?

Places to Go

Ideas for outings and events to help your child grow and learn.

Support for Special Needs

Learn more about the resources and people who can help your family with special needs.



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