Links to Quality will improve care for

All Kansas Families

The mission of Links to Quality is to give all Kansas families increased access to quality child care. Links to Quality will provide a statewide network of resources with the two-part goal of supporting child care providers in order to improve quality of care, and to empower families to make informed decisions about child care.

Links to Quality is a child care quality recognition and improvement system (QRIS) created with the support of early childhood organizations across the state and led by the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF). A QRIS is a process to observe, assess, improve and recognize the quality of child care programs. A QRIS defines quality indicators and provides a framework for child care programming. In Kansas, our QRIS is now Links to Quality. This state-wide system was designed to promote the strengths child care providers bring to their work every day. In our system, providers can earn Quality Recognition Links to show the quality of their practice and highlight their strengths in the following areas:

  • Program Leadership
  • Family Partnerships
  • Learning and Development

DCF launched the Links to Quality Pilot in April 2018. The system will be tested in five learning communities across Kansas in seventeen (17) counties. The Links to Quality Pilot is a trial run to ensure all Links to Quality materials and processes operate as planned. The pilot will last for a period of 2 years.

Links to Quality
A program of the Department for Children and Families

Rachel Anno
QRIS (L2Q) Program Manager

Michelle Allen
QRIS (L2Q) Supports Manager

Megan Smith
L2Q Development Specialist

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Links to Quality will help


  • Improve the overall quality of care they deliver to the children and families they serve
  • Gain access to resources that will help them achieve their quality goals
  • Strengthen their programs through peer learning and support opportunities

Links to Quality will help


  • Better understand the importance of receiving high-quality early childhood education for their children
  • Get the assistance they need to make well-informed decisions about quality child care
  • Identify high-quality programs for their children
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Links to Quality

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