DCF is excited to announce a new opportunity to join the Links to Quality Team!

This position will collaborate in the development and implementation of Links to Quality (L2Q). L2Q is Kansas’ Quality Recognition and Improvement System (QRIS). A QRIS is a specific method designed to assess, improve and communicate quality in family and child care center programs. L2Q strives to increase access of quality child care for all Kansas families. Our goal is to define quality child care and to recognize, encourage, and motivate our child care programs and their work. It is our hope to provide statewide resources to child care providers to improve their quality and to provide information to families, so they can make informed decisions about their child care options.

The Start-Up Development Specialist will collaborate to develop, design, organize and implement L2Q start-up guidelines with the goal of assisting child care providers as they enter the field so that they are more likely to succeed and remain open. The purpose of this position will be to plan, direct, and monitor the implementation of all phases, designed by the agency/state to help support the building of child care capacity. This will include research and review of data to determine areas of the greatest need. Once identified they will work to actively recruit child care providers through outreach and partnerships. As part of the L2Q team, they will also collaborate with the team in the L2Q Program to help to identify needed improvements and actions to implement these recommendations.

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